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“This was my fourth time running this marathon and it gets better every year. If you're looking for a PR, this is the course to run; just look at the winning time this year and the top finishing times. Great support, fantastic volunteers, and good organization that ranges from packet pick-up to the medal being hung around your neck. Highly recommend this marathon.”

— Sid Busch, Charleston, SC.


USA Visitors to Canada


Since June 1st, 2009, all persons, including U.S. Citizens, travelling between the United States and Canada (including in transit passengers who are transferring planes in the U.S.) are required to present a valid passport, according to an American law, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI).

However, it's not that hard to get a passport. US citizens can even get a US passport in 24 hours, through the "Rush My Passport" service:

For regular applications, information and "Frequently Asked Questions" for Americans, see

Here is a great, easy, helpful list of Tips for Driving Across the Border into Canada:


American Traveler's Tips

Traveling by air?

Get daily direct flights from most US cities, often under US$200. Fly into our downtown airport, Billy Bishop Airport via Porter Airlines or Air Canada and land less than 2 miles from our Official Race Hotels!

Need a hotel?

Get the best rates in the City at one of our Official Race Hotels! Book today!

Temperatures in Celcius:

0°C is freezing (32°F), something you're not likely to experience in mid-October in Toronto; 10°C is a chilly summer morning or mild winter day (50°F); 20°C is room temperature (68°F); and 30°C is a hot summer day (86°F).

Distances in Metric:

The marathon is 42.2km, half marathon is 21.1km, and 5k = 3.1 miles. A kilometer (spelled "kilometre" in Canada, eh?) equals 0.62 miles (a bit less than 2/3 of a mile). Conversely, 1 mile = 1.6km. To convert your pace per mile into pace per kilometer, multiply by 0.62. For example, a 6 minute mile is 3:43 per km; 7 min/mile = 4:20/km; 8 min/mile = 4:58/km, and so on. Get pace charts in minutes per mile AND minutes per kilometer.


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