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Oct 07-03 - Down to business - As Chicago looms, Peter pays homage to a septuagenarian sensation by Peter Hadzipetros
Oct 04-03 - Marathon man smashes six-hour-mark
Oct 04-03 - CANADA / Two world records in Toronto
What a day of excitement in Toronto!
Oct 04-03 - Two World Records Set on Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Oct 03-03
The Seattle Times - Marathon is an age-old challenge
Oct 03-03 - Dogfighting vs. Running: A Pyrrhic Victory by Hal Higdon
Oct 02-03
Senior Living - Keep on Running... Two "seasoned citizens" shone at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Oct 02-03 - A brief chat with Ed Whitlock
Oct 01-03 - The Runner's Web talks to Ed Whitlock, the first sub 3 hour 70+ marathoner
Oct 01-03
Sept 30-03 - Canadian, 72, first his age to run sub-three hour marathon
Sept 30-03 - Whitlock establishes marathon milestone
First 70-plus runner to break three-hour barrier in 42.2 km by Steve LeBlanc
Sept 30-03 - Toronto Waterfront Marathon More Than Record Breaking
Sept 29-03 - Milton runner, 72, sets world record. Fastest his age in 42.2 km marathon First in age class to break 3-hour mark by RANDY STARKMAN
Sept 29-03
Globe and Mail - At 92, he runs away with world record by JEFF GRAY
Sept 29-03 - announces two new world records set at Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Sept 29-03 article - Ed Whitlock first over 70 to break 3 hours
Sept 29-03
Globe and Mail - Nonagenarian marathon man By JEFF GRAY
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Sept 29-03 Article - Two world records shattered
Sept 28-03 - Oh Those Tired Legs
Sept 27-03
SlamSports - Run for the aged by STEVE BUFFERY - Toronto Sun
Sept 27-03 - World's fastest at 93. Marathoner tops records for his age, he'll run tomorrow's Toronto race by OAKLAND ROSS
Sept 26-03
Globe and Mail - Running for a place in history by JAMES CHRISTIE