1st Place — $6,000.00 — St. Lawrence Market
2nd Place — $3,000.00 — The Beach
3rd Place — $2,000.00 — Greektown

Honourable Mentions — $1,000.00 each:

The Annex
Liberty Village/King West

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Scotiabank Neighbourhood Challenge

neighbourhood challenge

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What is the Neighbourhood Challenge?

What is the Neighbourhood Challenge at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon? It's a festival, a celebration and a fundraiser for our Waterfront neighbourhoods.

Celebrating its 13th year in 2016, the Neighbourhood Challenge has grown rapidly, out of our desire to have the marathon give back to the communities we run through. For the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to be really successful, it has to have a sustainable, year-round impact on our local neighbourhoods, groups, charities and families. It can't be something that imposes itself on the city one day a year, and expects everyone to stand to attention. This is how great marathons have been made in New York, London, Chicago and Paris—by involving, engaging and giving back to the community.


To achieve this goal, we've tried to find 12 local charities and groups who could put on a festival, a celebration of their 'hood at our Neighbourhood Cheering & Entertainment Centres along the marathon route—groups like the Ukrainian Festival Committee representing Bloor West/High Park, who strive every year to find the money to put on a marvellous festival in late August/early September that is so important to the many Eastern Europeans who have settled in the west-end of the city; or The Revue Cinema Society that has fought so hard to save and renovate "The Revue", a landmark in their Roncesvalles neighbourhood, but also a place for children and families to go all year round, to have the joy of watching movies, but also to preserve a vital, vibrant community meeting place.

These are the kinds of things that make Toronto's neigbourhoods world-famous, that breathe life into them, and make them such special places to live.


The other major goal of the Neighbourhood Challenge is to help showcase our evolving waterfront, and reconnect it to the city. The Cheering Centres are a great excuse for us to come out in great numbers, to gather along Toronto's Waterfront, to celebrate our different neighbourhoods from the Humber to The Beach—to enjoy the music, dancing, performers and food on hand; to shout ourselves hoarse cheering on our friends and neighbours, our thousands of charity runners, 12,000 weekend warriors from 30+ countries around the world, and some international-class athletes running some of the fastest times ever on Canadian soil. Most of all, we can cheer for and put a pledge or two on a Neighbourhood Champion, a friend or neighbour who has committed to go the entire 42.195 kilometres on behalf of an important community cause.

Together, with these millions of footsteps, with a marathon effort, we CAN make a difference!

It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy of our waterfront city, and to showcase it to a world watching on live television and live internet.

DON'T FORGET, there are two ways to support your neighbourhood:

  1. Put a pledge on a Neighbourhood Champion—the easiest and guaranteed way to support your neighbourhood charity/group. This is so important, as without your pledges, your charity has only a 5 in 12 chance of raising funds (5 cash prizes for best of the 12 NCEs in The Challenge).
  2. Come out to your local Neighbourhood Cheering & Entertainment Centre on race day and make some noise. Scotiabank will provide thundersticks, pom-poms and cow bells to assist! Cheer on your Neighbourhood Champions, and help your 'hood win some BONUS money in the form of one of 5 prizes—$6,000 for first prize; $3,000 for second place; $2,000 for third place; and $1,000 for 2 honourable mentions—as the NCE with the most people, most noise, best costumes and best entertainment, as decided by our celebrity judges.


live entertainment

Neighbourhood Challenge Awards, presented by Scotiabank

  • 1st = $6,000
  • 2nd = $3,000
  • 3rd = $2,000
  • 2 honourable mentions @ $1,000 each


Spectators Wanted!

spectators wanted

A celebration of Toronto's neighbourhoods, their music, culture and food. A multicultural extravaganza!

Toronto's most-vibrant Waterfront neighbourhoods are out cheering the runners on! If you're one of the 2 million or so Torontonians who won't be running on October 14, come out and join all the fun of the Festival, and cheer on our heroes from every Canadian province, more than 40 American states, and 30+ countries worldwide. Many will help raise $2,000,000 for our official charities. All will need your support to encourage them along every step of their run!

Spectator Tips: Best Viewing Spots »

Spectator Access for Individuals with a Disability

An accessible seating platform will be available for finish line viewing. The platform will be located on the west side of Bay St, just north of Queen St (north of the bleachers) — please access the platform from Queen St. At 8:15am the 5k runners will start crossing the finish line and east-west access across Bay St will NOT be available. If arriving to the finish area after 8:15am, arrive from the west of Bay St.